Defending are those original employees

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While reading the threads the 1 thing that astounds me wow gold is the way everyone is so quick to defend Blizzard and attribute Activision. Like Blizzard is something or their friend. Jesus Christ you guys a business found out whilst cutting costs it could make almost the same sum of money and you have to produce some evil boogeyman to blame? Blizzard wasn't your friend they had great customer service to help retain paying clients, once they realized you would remain without good customer service they got rid of it save $$.

However, as somebody who followed Blizzard because the'90s, a great deal of the problems didn't start until the previous few decades. Higher-ups at Blizzard were replaced by personnel, leading to a dramatic culture change in Blizzard titles. The 2019 firings were only the culmination of a string of removing the original Blizzard out of Blizzard.

So what folks are defending are those original employees. The original Blizzard employees did care. Diablo 2 servers, a match whose past expansion was released in 2001, likely still has official multiplayer servers being hosted by Activision-Blizzard servers, even though for how long is anyone's guess. It received upgrades as 2016, 15 years after its past profit-making launch and long past the point where the profits were outdoing its costs it brought in.

Yes, they wanted to earn money. But Blizzard had a lengthy history of"We'll release it when it's ready", compared to their"release it today and fix it in post" stance that's been the norm for their matches. A game launch gets pushed back because they want to polish WOW Classic a bit more is money lost, and Blizzard was notorious for beating matches back months. In other words, prior to a couple of decades back, when it seemed that gamer-friendly culture at Blizzard had been squashed by what people could only assume were Activision's consequences. But saying that dismisses their well-known tendency of earning poor financial decisions in a bid to create games that are more polished.

People remember that Blizzard, the one with solid customer support and an actual customer-first attitude. That is who they defend, and wow classic gold for sale to be perfectly honest, Blizzard earned that defense. Activision currently possesses Blizzard through and through, however. And all these customer service acts have Activision. They have been Activision's MO for years. So that folks are quick to blame Activision instead of Blizzard. It would be just like blaming the people initially behind Craftsman or Pyrex for the drop in quality, when in fact, it was the men and women who bought the brands and are currently destroying their title by taking a short-term cash in on the originally widely-known high excellent nature of these while cutting costs and destroying the quality of the things newly-made below the brand name.