Rocket League Prices experimented with this in their

Rocket League Prices experimented with this in their


Collegiate leagues for e-sport titles are quickly growing in popularity, and Rocket League is no exception. Recently, Psyonix announced a $75,000 prize pool for this season of Collegiate Rocket League (CRL), upping their support of university Rocket League matches.

Rocket League Clubs allow players to organize in "clans" of up to 20 players under the same banner, complete with a club name, a four-character club tag prefixed to members' usernames, and custom club colors that will appear in-game. E-sports teams and significant community clubs will also be granted "Verified" status, which reserves their club name and tag, and authenticates their in-game identity with a check mark.

These features are perfect for low-level professional and collegiate teams trying to make a name for themselves and form a team identity.I spoke with Evan "Dart" Dartt, president of the Indiana University Rocket League Club, who agreed that Clubs will be a benefactor for collegiate Rocket League. He believes Clubs will be a great way to advertise college-level Rocket League in-game, adding that "it can be challenging to find players who don't particularly search for ways to get in contact with the club or competitive teams."

Dartt was also excited for the enhancements to a team's in-game identity: "Having the school colors in-game will be amazing! Got to love the Cream and Crimson. CCA (College Carball Association) Rocket League Prices experimented with this in their Summer Series event, and it was really cool for the teams to be representing their school colors rather than just orange and blue."