Which IQF Freezing Technology Is Better?

We need to analyze the specific problems of vacuum Quick Freezing Equipment

Nowadays, the production of many freeze-dried products requires the use of quick-freezing equipment. Reasonably and effectively shortening the freeze-drying cycle has clear economic value in industrial production. The freeze-dried articles are easy to store for a long time. After adding water, they can return to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics. In order to use quick-freezing equipment, it is developing in a direction that is more conducive to product production, and can ensure product quality while improving production efficiency, reducing waste of resources and facilitating production operations. But sometimes some of us consumers will inevitably have some failures when using them. We need to analyze the specific problems of vacuum Quick Freezing Equipment:
I. Failure phenomenon: dryer does not run
The compressor circuit is disconnected, the fuse is blown, the thermal relay is activated, the high voltage switch is activated, the compressor is blocked, and the circuit is connected or loose.
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Second, failure phenomenon: stop immediately after starting
The ambient temperature is too high, the condenser is blocked, the compressor is overloaded, the refrigerant is lacking, the low pressure is too low, the air intake is too large, and the compressor is stuck.
III. Failure phenomenon: compressor does not start
The wiring is incorrect, the voltage is too low, the starting capacitor is damaged, the relay or contactor is not closed, the starting winding is open, and the phase is missing.
4. Failure phenomenon: The compressor repeatedly starts and stops low voltage or three-phase imbalance due to overload protection action. The overload protector is connected with other electrical equipment. The overload protector fails. The running heater is too small. Short circuit between windings, thermal relay contacts are stuck.
V. Failure phenomenon: Relay burned out
The voltage is too high or too low. The running capacitor is incorrect, repeated starting and stopping, the relay specifications are not consistent, and the mounting seat is incorrect.
         The above is the analysis of the failure of the quick freezing equipment during operation. If you happen to have refrigeration equipment and technical needs, Zhejiang Guanfeng Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is your good choice. We have the most advanced IQF Freezing technology in the industry. Your best choice in this regard.