I really do wish we had more control in NBA 2K

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I feel like that'd be a lot of inputs to do particular passes with icons. I really do wish we had more control. Or yknow, the passing AI was better. I can not count how often my participant selects a terrible passing animation that NBA 2K MT gets tipped before it leaves my hands hits someone's back lol.In controller settings, find the"directional departure" option and change it from Default to"pass type control".

Absolutely agree that it is very much a requirement, however, I simply don't understand why passing type control is not the default. For any who are unfamiliar, passing type control for directional departure makes it so you can rebound by double tapping the button of the intended goal, chest pass with a regular press and lob pass by holding the button. I find that when I properly depart MyCareer before shutting the application on my PS4 I have to go back in and change it back each moment.

Whats? Wondering if perpendicular or strength is more important within an SG construct that can dunk (essentially vince carter). Can you does strength change your contact dunks are and dunk over a player with a high vertical? I have a 6'6 SG using a 81 dip 82 strength plus a 63 vertical and that I can easily dunk on people in park. But I'm looking to change my construct to 6'4-6'5 to the rate. Dunks in my current construct Only having difficulty figuring out how to maintain the same contact.

I've been trying to figure this out messing with different builds for a couple weeks. When you look at the rosters of those men that are dunkers / slashers, then they pretty much all have vert in the 90s, strength at the 50s and 60s, and speed in the 80s. Out of testing, I feel it's really arbitrary. Sometimes I will test a man with higher vert and he hardly gets up and sometimes it feels like he is above the rim. Occasionally I will examine a guy with high speed and he will get around guys but sometimes it's like he can not jump and occasionally he could.

In general, and I know this is true, I feel like it is based from the momentum your participant has going towards the rim. Higher speed makes at the collect constitutes for reduced vert and strength, higher vert makes up for reduced speed and strength, etc.. I would not be surprised however if all of the pies contributed evenly - meaning they're all the exact same for dunking because the strength rate and vert for each one balance out. It really is frustrating though. I have 2klabs and I emailed them before actually. This is not a plug or anything but they said they were working on this advice and could have it available shortly.

You can use a site like 2KMTCentral to display your group. The more info you've got, the easier it's for other people to help you.

Just like who can I package with a deluxe moments pack thats really worth anything when theres no moments players? I believe you are asking what's in league packs that buy mt are normal although I'm not sure of the question? Seconds without minutes are those lol so the answer could be current amythest Giannis. He is most likely. Rubies and all the other amythests are garbage. Silvers can be pulled by you which have.