About Topcoin.Global Social Network
Topcoin.Global is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can like posts, photos..

About US

Topcoin.global is a new social network launched in 2019, where you can share your status, connect friends, chat inbox, group meetings, create sales page ... TopcoinGlobal is a social network share profits from advertising for all users, with the slogan: Connect to Success!

Any activity such as post photos, status, like, share, comment, chat, etc. are all listed and paid by Topcoin.global, TopcoinGlobal is an advertising distribution network, it is an intermediary Between Advertisers and target customers, it is the task of distributing Advertiser ads to the right target customers. The advertiser connects to Topcoinglobal to run ads, and TopcoinGlobal will pay back part of the money to users, especially their ad network members. If you have free time every day, start making money with Topcoin.global, every day just spend about 15 minutes watching ads, you already have income from TopcoinGlobal.

TcfxCoin is the electronic currency used in the payments of TopcoinGlobal, with Blockchain technology similar to Ethereum, is extremely well encrypted and can be used to trade and exchange at many exchanges around the world.

Online shopping: Topcoin.Global has partnered with many big and reputable companies such as Amazon, Expedia, eBay, ... to put online shops into social networks. Through Topcoin.global's online shopping platform, users can book hotels, buy airline tickets, shop millions of items anywhere in the world.

In addition, Topcoin.global is an e-commerce sales site, offering extremely good products. You can own a landing page for your work, Topcoin.global will help you reach customers quickly. Not just landing page, you can create a blog, your own group is very convenient just a few basic operations.

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